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Zazouesque note n°1 (Newsletter - September 2017)

Tanned friends,
Relaxed friends,

We gathered nectar all summer long like buzzing bees, collecting here and there new desires and beautiful ideas, reaping the fruits of our passions. If spring is a rebirth, summer nourishes and revitalises. And here we are already at the gates of autumn, a season of maturity, completion, creation and new beginnings. It's the time to harvest the fruits of the year, the time to take stock and balance, the time to get down to basics without losing your energy.

Magnificent projects are underway this fall, created by a recognised, talented artist who has placed her trust in us.

Other artists, photographers and illustrators, came to us this summer and entrusted us with their work, thus enriching existing collections with growing success or offering collections that will appear on displays throughout the year.

The Zazous family is growing in joy and thanks you for your unfailing support which strengthens us and allows us to move forward with you.

Maya, Willy and Flip

"We are the bees of the Universe. We forage wildly for the honey of the visible to accumulate it in the great golden hive of the invisible." - Rainer Maria Rilke.
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