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Zazouesque note n°15 (Newsletter - January 2019)

companions through the seasons,

It's time, we are told, to present wishes to those we love.

It is even more than time.

But time slips through our fingers... This time which nevertheless marks its passage, prints its wake, leaves its imprint, this time escapes us conscientiously; this time that we regret, even though it is within our reach, that it is up to us to catch it.

Time accounts for change. Time is movement. Yet time stands still. Since it is measured by the yardstick of everyone's perception. In other words, it is relative and moving.

The wish that we make this year and that we transmit is linked to time, precisely.

We wish, we wish you but also to ourselves, time.

Time to share with loved ones, time to rest, think, time to move forward and structure your projects, time to take care of yourself and those you love.

We wish you time as a gift that we receive, time to talk or work, to create, to love. Time to do nothing. Time to watch it pass.

We wish you to experience slowness and moderation. To turn the pages of your calendar, to plant the leaves in seeded paper and to watch them grow with the satisfaction of having accomplished a useful gesture. Time to write to others or to yourself. Time to think.

We have made progress this year in our projects, step by step, quietly. We have worked tirelessly to improve ourselves, at our own pace, to resist the siren song and to stay away from what harms us.

And we will continue, because moving forward slowly and healthily allows us to go further.

Quietly yours,


Everything comes in time for who knows how to wait...

This month we opened our stationery offer to little Frenchies who deserve to be known and supported. We therefore present to you Petit Gramme. As for the other novelties, we keep them under the foot for the moment as so many little secrets to reveal to you...

"To enjoy this happiness that we seek so much and find so little, wisdom wants better than genius, esteem than admiration and the sweetness of feeling than the noise of fame" D'Alembert
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