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Zazouesque note n°3 (Newsletter - November 2017)


A few days ago, I was holding the thread of words to align with the score that I intended for you. I felt them vibrate in my inner box, I felt the sentences grow and link together in a multitude of sounds and vibrations. It was about harmony(s), chord(s) and c(h)oeur. I wanted to draw you into a symphony full of counterpoints and diffractions where there is no fear of cacophony. Where each measure has its melody to come together in a series of movements of a wide variety of tempos: allegro, adagio, andante...

A few days ago, I imagined highlighting the need for slowness, I wanted to talk about the emptiness of this perpetual search for novelties that have no other purpose than to make us forget our fears. I wanted to tell about these craftsmen who delve into the archives of old libraries to find the perfection of a work whose gestures have been lost and which, transmitted orally, have left no other traces than a few pieces that have survived the ravages of time. who passed.

Then I thought that you knew the song and that reading these scratched notes on your computer screens, you were going to get tired. So let's leave these ramblings and let's ring flutes and trumpets, let's vibrate viols and guitars, let's strike the percussions to announce in the brass band the opening of the winter season:

The Christmas cards have arrived!

New arrivals unearthed at ArtFile, Forever, Belly Button, Pencil... in double cards, box or cut. And cards edited by Zazous - to dazzle your eyes - that we are packing.

But as we like to tease you, no Christmas image to satisfy your curiosity! You will still have to wait to discover amazed the greeting cards that will decorate your displays...

Musically your,

Three little musical notes...
Do, Mi, Sol
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