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Zazouesque note n°6 (Newsletter - February 2018)

Good evening things from here below...

Because there is no light without darkness, nor songs without silence, joy without sadness, nor strength without weakness, because we must always hold our heads high and look straight in the eye even when our heart wavers and is moved...

The song of the blackbird is so beautiful in the early morning, telling us that everything is fine and that life will unroll its carpet of beauty before our feet. And yet, how the pebbles on the road hurt us, how they strike us against the pitfalls of those who would like us to stumble. The outstretched arms in a Lorelei dance can break without the legs being stopped in their soaring steps. The seeds are already planted and ready to germinate. Snow may fall. The bird has sung and nothing, nor anyone will be able to stop this march towards renewal, this progress towards rebirth.

Month of darkness and cold, February is the month of purification. Month without light and without moon, it is the bridge between the period of sleep and that of the return to life. And while everything is heavy to bear, that everything seems so complicated, that the weakest are absent, the little tremor is felt which announces to us that everything can start again, that hope is still alive and that we must always believe in. “Carne Vale”, the flesh goes away, it is the arcana XIII of the tarot which symbolizes this month.

Question everything and go back to the quest for yourself. And in the darkest of the night, move towards the stars, watch a bud sprout, hear the bird announcer of life...

This month, it is women who accompany us.

We bring you field flower seeds, trapped in the cards to be planted by the graceful Hannah Marchant, who it is up to you to free.

We are watching the rare birds of Myrthe, a joyful artist from the Netherlands, who we are happy to present to you.

We admire the orphan work of Josie Shenoy, naturalist and illustrator who revisits the animal kingdom through a series of graphic and kaleidoscopic maps.

We rediscover the humor of Anna Wright who tenderly sketches birds and animals.

full of hopes,

and Fermina.

"We often meet our destiny by the paths we take to avoid it" Jean de la Fontaine
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