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Zazouesque note n°37

Pink Panther,
Black Jaguar,

In this month dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite, month of the feminine, of the return of light, you are more inclined than ever to begin the dance of spring, ready to come out of your cozy cocoon to hop in the meadows. Be careful my little cat! Like Aphrodite, symbol of love and capable of terrible revenge, this month of rebirth also has its terrible downside.
Don't rejoice too feline, feline, and don't let your guard down because the redness of the moon can be disastrous and make you swallow your budding desires for love and your springtime ardor.
Red Jasper against you, take small steps, concentrate your energy and don't reveal yourself until the blood moon at the end of the month has passed!
In the meantime, take advantage of the minutes offered to you during this change of season: 57' in the morning and 43' in the evening throughout the month and enjoy these divine interludes where the gentle rise in temperature will make you purr with your eyes half closed.

This month is the month:

* Of the party :
Brand new to the Zazous family, Love Lucy Illustration tells the story of the joy of being together, illustrates all celebrations, whether family or national, with a line full of sweetness and naivety in its Jour de Fête collection.

* more party time:
It's the return of Caroline Gardner's Special Celebration collection: fireworks, birthday balloons and congratulations delicately traced on a cream background form a delicious collection of wishes.

* sweetness:
Ginger Betty has offered us a brand new form to present her adorable animals and birds that have returned with spring. A collection of cards entitled Little Windows carrying messages of birthdays, love and friendship.

* travel :
Tourists or Parisians, we don't know which are more fond of illustrated maps of the City of Lights. Marina Vandel has imagined two collections to tell the story of Paris, Paris Planches and Paris Timbres.

* and from the start:
Two condolence cards to soothe the sadness of loved ones, created by Caroline Gardner, presented outside the collections.

Happy new month, good you, good us,

Hermès, aka Laurent Reiz
Athena, aka Isabelle Colin
Ananké, aka Olga Mansilla
Hestia, aka Valérie Limoujoux
Hera, aka Emilie Schickel
Artemis, aka Becky Harris

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