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Zazouesque note n°10 (Newsletter - July 2018)


After the firefighters' ball, the fireworks on the 14th, the explosion of joy on the 15th, what's left to come?

After the Ohs and Ahs, the “Vas-y!” », the « It's not true! », the « We won! “, and so on and the best, return to calm, landing, we catch our breath, here we are in the heart of summer and it's time to take off!

Because although we are world champions, we are nonetheless made of flesh, blood and sweat and if the frantic pace that you experience throughout the year does not scare you, you must sometimes even know how to take your foot off the accelerator and the nose of your computer.

And yes, you are the champions, you are the best and suddenly you have earned the right to take time off, to go away, to change your mind.
And so are we!

So we have the terraces, the sunburn and the raised elbows, the pétanque balls, shellfish and crustaceans. To us card games until no time, mosquito bites, balls of mozzarella, di Buffala please, naps Oh yes naps, villainous or dreamy. To us the sand sandwiches and the fresh rosé, the morning breeze and the chocolatines. To us the wide open spaces, the moments of madness, the sound of the calabashes and the starry nights...

It's time to escape, to run in the meadows, to jump into the water, to observe the passing of time etc etc. It's time to take up your pen again and write: letters, logbook and of course postcards!

Because this month is the time for:

Summer holidays
Violaine Desportes, an artist with a childish and joyful style, transports us to her childhood memories which become our own; its seaside, its reunion with cousins ​​at the grandparents for a summer. A series of family paintings full of sweetness and tenderness.

A new collection of naive drawings imitating the ink pads of our childhood that take us between the countryside and the seaside.

Latest arrivals, the small magic and laser-cut boxes will make young and old dream.

Cards to plant
Hannah Marchant continues her creations, this time taking us for a walk between the countryside and the sea, alternating cards made from wildflower seeds for our friends the bees and parsley and dill to flavor the fish dishes.

Michaël Cailloux opens the doors of his cabinet of curiosities a little wider and expands his collection of new enchanting drawings.

Flora Botanica
New designs with coloured backgrounds complement the existing series of botanical designs.

And since we wanted to travel light, we kept some on hand for the start of the school year...

In the meantime, to all of you, happy holidays!

No one can catch us
Impossible is not French,
In our heart, the passion of a champion.

“The vacation of great values ​​creates the value of great vacations” Edgar Morin
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