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Zazouesque note n°9 (Newsletter - May 2018)

Baby mice,

But what happened in this beautiful month of May that left us so silent? The Zazous are not used to being silent, but there you go...
It took that, a few weeks fallow, without a word, nothing!

A break, to let the thousand and one projects that had been entrusted to us germinate, collections created or gleaned here and there.

A parenthesis to come back to you with a big smile on your face.

But not just any smile, no! Not those conventional smiles, polite smiles, Diamond Email smiles that make you think you're looking like a lantern. Or those smiles that end in grimaces. Little pinched or carnivorous smiles. Mocking smiles, evil smiles. No no no, we are not talking about those smiles!

We are talking to you about the big smile, the smile to the eyes, the smile to the heart. We want flights of butterflies, birds and armfuls of flowers.

Because the smile is the weapon of modern times, the unstoppable smile of the winners, of those who continue, of those who are not afraid, capable of wiping out a thousand setbacks with a devastating smile that leaves no doubt to those who receives. And from you to me, these smiles aren't running the streets at the moment! So let's take the confidence in our turn and smile to show them who's the boss!

This month...

Let us introduce you to Sabivo, who entrusted us with a beaded, light collection drawn in watercolour: Fly. Look at this !

Discover, amazed and with a smile on your face, the brand new collection of Peggy Nille: Love is all. Over here birds, fish and kittens!

See how Sara Miller's collections for The ArtFile are enriched with beautiful new cards. Sara Miller and Picadilly, it's this way!

Wake up your taste buds: Hannah Marchant's new seed cards will allow you to create your vegetable garden before summer! To plant, it's here!

Take out your pencils: the new Pencils will once again be a hit! To see them, it's here!

And yes, all that! You see, we smile but we didn't make fun of you ;)

Charming Smile,
Sister smile,
and Smile at Me.

"The smile is the only proof of our passage on earth"
Christian Bobin
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