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Zazouesque note n°12 (Newsletter - September 2018)


This is the autumn whose equinox saw the sun at its zenith on the earth's equator.

Here is the fall that brings us back to basics.
Where more than ever we need meaning, a need to be ourselves and to be with others. Period of emotion, receptivity, creativity.

Season of blossoming and maturity, where nature offers us its last flamboyances, its beauties after summer and before sleep.

Gratitude guides our steps as Demeter, sovereign of regeneration, prepares to go to sleep awaiting the return of joy.

Here we are ready to walk on the sand and breathe the spray brought by the wind and the tide, while in the distance the sea has already receded and, demons and wonders, in your half-open eyes, two small waves have remained. ..

Here we are filled with this irrepressible desire to sink into the forest, to feel the humus under our feet and gently to lie down there. To walk around caressing the trees and looking for the mushrooms at their feet.

Here we are, all ready to doze off to the soft sound of the rain on the ground and on the roofs of the city of Paris, while the long sobs of the violins of autumn rock us in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Fall is the season for:

Ocean Waves: Ray Collins is a drop of water. Pure and precious. It belongs to the ocean. Water is his element. He immerses himself from the first hours of dawn to capture the immense waves, unleashed, enveloping, luminous, alive. His photos are spectacular and we are very proud to be able to show them to you.

Wild Life: Ashley Hutchinson is a tree. Raw and vegetal. It belongs to the forest. Wood is his element. He lives in a cabin deep in the woods from where he observes the fauna and flora that he draws, prints on cards that he embosses by hand. His achievements are unique and we are happy to present them to you.

The nature of life: Meg Hawkins is a cell. Organic and complex. It belongs to life. Earth is his element. She immerses herself in the living world and traces in water and watercolour the movements and attitudes of living beings: birds, animals, plants that she observes. His work is amazing and you will be surprised at the strength of his portraits.

Cream of the Woods: Marie-Pierre Emorine is the wind. Aerial and light. She belongs to the clouds. The dream is his element. She invents and brings to life a whole dreamlike world of animals, birds like so many characters from woodland tales. She tells us such pretty stories that you will be enchanted.

The Paris of Emilou: Emily Lou Holmes is on fire. Flamboyant and warm. It belongs to matter. Its element is metal. Drawings, photographs, feelings are transformed by his approach to give birth to a new creation, a fantasized environment. The result is stunning and you will be transported.

This is the autumn of the Zazous!


“I walked in the forest and came out taller than the trees” Henry David Thoreau

“I walked on the beach and came back soaked” Author unknown
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