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Zazouesque note n°13 (Newsletter - November 2018)


And if we needed, as the days begin their long decline, to rediscover that particular brilliance of the moon on the zinc or of the ray of sunshine through the open window...

So much so that commemorations and funeral celebrations are transformed into carnival rites, fire festivals, backfires and fireworks...

It's impossible to admit that this is already the month of the off season, of memories and anguish, the gateway to the freezing winter that will soon arrive...

N ovember crosses the constellation of Scorpio, closest to the center of the Milky Way, which contains several deep sky objects such as diffuse nebulae or the butterfly cluster; THE

Scorpio's contradictions are such that the elements that characterize it, water and fire, even fire water, stir up desire but just as much destroy anyone who approaches it...

And when it is a question of not burning your wings but yet the desire is strong to approach the flames,

Alas , like Habacuc, of the turpitudes of humans who agitate without thinking, endure and cause suffering without seeking to improve, give up even before having tried,

Then like moths,

We turn to the light to escape the

Darkness to come.

= Brilliantly brilliant, these are the collections presented to you this month:

Northern Lights, the latest collection from Forever Cards, takes its name from the Aurora Borealis which Pliny the Elder described as "a light spreading across the sky, so that a kind of day replaced the darkness".

Shimmy, the latest series from Artfile Company, reflecting light and colours thanks to a complex mixture of holographic and translucent layers, an unprecedented technique in postcards.

Positiv Cards, latest version published by Zazous Editions, in lenticular mode, whose messages are transformed according to the inclination of the card.

Happy Precious Life, the latest collection from Zazous Editions, like so many shards of a rough diamond with a pure heart that looks at the tiny joys of life.

Platinium, Belly Button's latest addition to its famous collection, whose embossing on metallic paper reflects colours and light.

While waiting for Christmas,


"Rather than curse the darkness, let us light a candle, however small it may be" Confucius
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