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Zazouesque note n°17 (Newsletter - March 2019)


Mars attacks and here you are on the front line.

Exhausted by the winter from which you have barely recovered, now you have to lower your head, bend your back and go forward, braving the winds, sweeping away with the back of your hand the words and evils that attack you. Like the March hare, you are boiling hot, determined not to let yourselves be walked on. You won't let go but you won't let anger rise.

You are valiant and know how to keep your cool in the face of pressures, the quest for power by all means, in the face of the revenge of the weak, of the living moved by fear, greed, greed, jealousy, the wish to dominate. Nietzsche said: "Themselves are not called the weak, they are called the good" to justify their deviations from morality and satisfy their need for wealth.

You are part of the living moved by generosity and limitless self-sacrifice. Leave the quarrelsome, the bellicose, the liars and the ambitious. Your way is that of Bushido, the way of the warrior, the way of wisdom and strength, of honor and loyalty. You advance by parrying the bad blows and you strengthen yourself with each experience, each trip. Life is strewn with pitfalls, illusions and disenchantments, it is a storm, brief and intoxicating. But life is a moment of great intensity for those who know how to find a meaning, a direction, a truth to defend against all odds.

Don't give up, stay focused, move forward and speak only if your words are more beautiful than silence.

The Sleeping Dragon,
Calamity Jane.

The month of March sees the arrival of the spring equinox, so it is a month for:

- practice the art of Ikebana with Lucille Duchene who composed for us bouquets of flowers of great finesse;

- Plant Hannah Marchant's new cards for her 3rd season. Floral designs or aromatic plants, drawings full of joy on cards full of life;

- welcome the plant cascades and the Flower Dreams of Pavilion, a brand new collection of cards that can be used upside down or upside down;

- engage and love again and again with Lanther Black's new cards;

- admire the country bouquets of Mary's House Design and contemplate the beauty of nature;

- tell stories and find your childhood dreams with the Ptits Contes revisited by Corine Leroy for Laser Effect;

- look straight in the eyes at the new Stripey Cats cards that fill us with joy;

- turn to the Highlands, highlands of Scotland, and fill the pages of the new tartan notebooks published by Waverley Scotland.

"There's nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in people" Sean Connery
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