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Zazouesque note n°18 (Newsletter - April 2019)


Here comes the season of love, the time of coos at dawn, lyrical flights, romantic walks.

The time of forever, the time of love, here it comes again, love, the love we always talk about... Love in this fearful spring is the pepper of time, a gust of wind, we knows the chorus.

It's catchy, it's intoxicating, we fear getting lost and yet... When we only have love to live our promises without any other wealth than to always believe in them... we sing the song we know so well to convince the world that there is no other reason, no other horizons. The poet says it so rightly, love your loves, love the dreaming love, it is he you are looking for when your April dawns, he still has a perfume when your years are getting old.

Love delights, dazzles, leads the wisest into sweet madness. It breathes on our lives and revives our bodies asleep by this winter so long that we thought it was infinite. It brings nature back to life and carries with it the seeds of hope, the seeds of our future, the happy tomorrows.

Savior love, refuge love in the face of the shocks of the world and the turmoil of our lives, emergency exit love for all of life's wounded, love, the only direction of our survival on this blue orange where we like each other so much. It will take so much of this love there, it will take so much and so much to drag behind the chilly and contradictory of all hairs.

To open this way, this song of the partisans, this melody of happiness, it will be necessary to agitate it like a decoy. To make the analysts, the scientists lie, to erase these great misfortunes that we are predicted, it will take a lot, love. To change the course of this world, you will have to fill yourself with love with a capital L and shout it from the rooftops, drown out the noise of diggers, drills, machines of mass destruction.

Because Avril is here, everything is allowed once again, because once again we believe in it, we want to, we fill our lungs with new air, we fill our hearts with joy.

Lovingly yours,

Bonnie & Clyde,
Colin & Chloe,
Solal & Ariane.

April hangs by a thread, that of resurgent light, of life which reappears, of joy which returns. This month we present to you:

Fossile: a haute couture collection created by Michaël Cailloux that needs no introduction for The Artfile. A minimalist layout completed with an imprint in the paper material. Insects, fish, shells and flowers as carved in stone.

I Like Birds: a collection created by the eponymous studio for the Artfile. A series of very graphic and colourful birds which is a huge success across the Channel and just wanted to fly away in the French sky.

Fiesta: folk art is in the spotlight in this series of colourful, floral and embossed cards, created by Caroline Gardner. Cheerful and strong, this collection conveys messages of birthdays and other occasions.

Botany: bearer of life, bearer of meaning, this collection made of seeded paper declines like botanical boards, the plants whose seeds are contained in the paper. The science of nature through the grace of Delphine Balme's drawing, for Zazous Editions with the complicity of Papier Fleur.

Life and Nature: Life and nature, we can not say so well. Eloise Hall continues to decline flowers and collages with delicacy and finesse. New designs complete the collection of cards and magnetic Notepads are added to this variation so that these flowers decorate your daily life.

Number 78: childlike joy emerges from this collection created by Belly Button. Joy and imagination, dreams and naivety. Birthday cards for all the little ones.

“I love you, you love yourself, we sow” Maurice Chapelan
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