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Zazouesque note n°19 (Newsletter - May 2019)


Here we are at the heart of obstacles and contradictions. While life is in turmoil, rebirth in tune, headwinds blow, winds of protest. May is the month of contrasts and oppositions. We hope for sweetness and tenderness, we observe rumors and storms.

Chaos is here, the slingshot is rumbling, chaos is here, the Earth is shaking.

Month of Mary, month of Lilith, month of life and darkness, of abnegation and independence, of submission and revolt, May shakes the bowels of the planet, stirs our guts, puts us out of us, launches us into life and compels us to struggle. Body and scream.

And since history always repeats itself, let's continue to sing at the top of our voices the refrains of our elders crying out for news.

Even if the month of May*
Didn't touch you much
Even though there was no
Demonstration in your street
Even if your car
Was not burned down
Even if you don't care
Each of you is concerned

(...) Even if you have closed
Your door in front of us
One night we had
The CRS at their heels
If you left us
Clubbed on the landing
Even if you don't care
Each of you is concerned

Even if in your city
Everything stayed calm
Without cobblestones without barricades
Without wounded and without grenades
Even if you swallowed
What the TV said
Even if you don't care
Each of you is concerned


Freely yours,

Free our comrades,
It's only a beginning,
Enjoy without hindrance.

Some collections this month:

Strong and fragile at the same time, creative and recreational, the young artist Zahélie entrusted us with her contrasting and colourful illustrations for a collection that bears her name.

Funny and acid, tender and dark, Olivier Tallec has completed his collection of new drawings with vitriolic humour.

Beyond modes and time, the talent of Ge Feng, creator of the Forever cards, is undeniable and each season brings its share of novelties in Paper Mode and Magic Box.

Finally, since we must honor life, this month mothers and mother nature are one with the heart card to plant to celebrate all mothers as it should be: once offered, the card made of seeded paper can be planted and will give birth to a bouquet of flowers.

(* Extracts from the song "Each of you is concerned" by Dominique Grange)

"Freedom is not given, it is taken" Reine Malouin
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