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Zazouesque note n°21 (Newsletter - July 2019)

Dear summer visitors,

Here we are at the time of the great summer migration... This time that takes us to places chosen by us alone with the sole objective of slowing down, not moving, watching the butterflies fly and enjoying the time that passes in the rhythm of the sun rising, setting, rising...

We gave everything throughout the year, we planted, dug, organized, watered. We accomplished all the missions we had set ourselves, finalized so many projects, launched lines here and there for after, for tomorrow and for after tomorrow.

We must now enter into contemplation and let it happen, let it grow, mature. We must manage to unhook the mind and leave our heart free to flourish, to flutter lightly, like a feather carried by the wind.

This feather will run on the still virgin pages of the project of our heart. She will come to tell what our imagination wants to make a reality. Tomorrow we will tell you about it.

For now, listening only to the flapping of birds' wings and gently caressed by a light breeze, we wish you all a great season of creativity...

Warmly yours,

and Cherry.

Pas un jour sans soleil, a collection of watercolours full of humor and tenderness by François Ravard joins Les Grandes Vacances by Violaine Desportes to tell the story of holidays by the sea, both tinged with the influence of Sempé,

Ray Collins' Ocean Waves are more topical than ever, carrying spray and flashes of light, they transport us with joy to the rolls of the Pacific,

The Magic Boxes welcome a special guest this month with 3 creations by Dominique Arella,

Other Time Lyon, a photographic series by Denis Chobelet, completes the Polas Lyon collection and shows us how beautiful a city is in summer.

"A second before landing on the branch of the lime tree, the sparrow has stretched its wings to the maximum, as one opens its arms wide to the joy of seeing those one loves again" Christian Bobin
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