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Zazouesque note n°22 (Newsletter - September 2019)

Mi Corazon,

We are back !

We gave ourselves to our heart's content throughout this august month! We crossed the summer with our nose to the wind and a light heart and here we are again on the track, happy to see you again.

We have forgotten and thought, read and written, laughed a lot, yes laughed a lot, met so many women with hearts on our hands, exchanged and shared with so many men with hearts of gold, we have advanced on our path - the Dao Zazus!

Summer, the season of the heart, of fire, of warmth, of fulfillment and of joy, has pumped us up and that's good because we needed energy to start this season where novelties jostle at the gate.

So here we are back with our hearts open to so many projects that you won't believe your eyes or your ears...

Listen only to your heart, be it grenadine or rocker and let yourself be amazed: we put our heart into it so that month after month, throughout this year, your hearts soar with joy to discover all the surprises that we are going to present to you.

With all my heart,

The Ardèche, faithful heart,
Rodrigue, do you have heart,
Marius, you break my heart.

In September, we like:

Sweet Tickets: the luminous creators of Miss Jane Doe with a big heart like that have imagined for Zazous scented letter cards with dazzling designs and sweet scents to discover by rubbing the paper;

Les Cœurs de Lucille: the young and talented Lucille Duchêne from Nantes has once again entrusted us with her patterns for a collection of cards full of detachable and ready-to-plant hearts.

Pinata: a cheerful and colourful collection of pin cards created by Redback Cards. Once you have read the card, hang the pin on your heart;

Hannah Marchant has enriched her collection of cards to plant with a series of flowers and aromatic plants, thyme and chamomile seeds to plant that will warm us in the heart of winter;

Imagine: Robert J. Reader and Ally Gore imagined for The Artfile a dream collection, cards of the heart and colours;

Sara Miller continues her creative journey with The Artfile and brings us new designs that enrich a collection with an already well-stocked heart;

Neo Pops: joy and colours that put balm in the heart with this collection from Caroline Gardner;

Wild Thing: designed by Belly Button, this new series of cards full of fun is at the heart of nature.

"Here are fruits, flowers, leaves and branches, and then here is my heart which beats only for you" Paul Verlaine
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