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Zazouesque mood post n°24 (Newsletter - November 2019)


Thus ends this ninth month pushed back to the rank of eleventh by Charles IX, bloodthirsty king and without descendants.

November, month of all anguish, of depression and withdrawal, of mists, frost and winter, has taken hold of us and carried us away in its storm.

Month of celebration of the dead, November marks the passage of the sun from the constellation of Libra to that of Scorpio to end in the Serpentarius: the balance is broken by self-destruction and ends in rebirth.

“I love autumn, this sad season goes well with memories. When the trees have no more leaves, when the sky still preserves at dusk the russet tint which gilds the withered grass, it is sweet to watch everything that once burned in you go out. " Gustave Flaubert

It is time for us to admit the ephemeral nature of everything, the decay, the annihilation and to accept this crossing of the night to bring light to birth. The quest for re-enchantment comes at the cost not of flight, but of our ability to face darkness first.

Since the dawn of time, from darkness comes light.

Brightly yours,

To the life,
Let there be light,

And to celebrate this light to come, we present to you the collections of this end of the year:

The Art File illuminates displays with luminescent or glittery, shiny and incandescent creations;

Forever deploys its magic in the art of cutting: shadows and lights in Chinese theatres;

Eloise Hall glitters in lightness trees and birds of red and gold;

Studio Mlle Jane Doe enhances our trees with hot-gold Christmas ball cards;

Hannah Marchant transmits life with her cards carrying carrot seeds and wildflowers;

Sabivo dazzles with the multitude of pearls and rhinestones that dot her designs, while she takes us on a journey in her Noël Slave created especially for Zazous;

Rosanna Rossi makes children's eyes shine with her naive and golden illustrations;

Stripey Cats lights up the faces of the little ones by making Santa's eyes roll.

And because the hourglass has started ticking the days, three calendars:

The Advent calendar created by Forever, double card A4 format;
The Plonk & Replonk calendar, because it's better to laugh about it;
The Zazous Editions planting calendar, an ode to gardening all year round.
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