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Zazouesque note n°23 (Newsletter - October 2019)


In the small wood of Saint Amand as in all the other woods, live the trees that we love so much; under their bending branches, we have a happy heart, because the trees protect us, shape us, nourish us.
They are our ancestors on this earth where they appeared 385 million years ago when we are no more than 300,000 years old.
We owe them everything. They are our masters and we must protect them. They are wisdom and we must listen to them. They are our past and our future, our history and our dreams. We do not have the right to abandon them since that would be condemning ourselves. In the small wood of Saint Amand as in all the other woods, we must therefore dance and celebrate the trees, our elders.

Trees are a source of life, but also magic in our lives. Places of all the tales of our childhood, the forests protect and they also frighten.
If you like to play or walk there, the fear of getting lost is never far away and this is how the forest has always inspired storytellers and legend tellers. Among the trees, you always feel very small and you find your child's soul. Huts and climbs, to rise to the sky, cozy little nests at their feet. Refuge trees, accomplice trees and companions.

Finally, the trees are the cosmic guardians, shamanic symbols, they connect the earth to the sky: rooted in the depths, they emerge from the earth to rise towards the light; they are the masters of time, in perpetual evolution and remind us of the cycles of nature, marking each season with a different panache. And what better explosion of their beauty than autumn with a thousand colours, the season of maturity.

Let's rejoice to have them around us and take a walk in the woods...

This month, nature is in the spotlight:

Because they use 5 times less wood for their manufacture than paper cards, we are happy to announce a new collection of double cards printed on thin sheets of wood by Cozywood: drawn with grace and finesse, the elven characters who illustrate them speak to us of love and poetry.

Véronique Bachère's collection of simple wooden cards has been enriched with new watercolours: Petite Nature is growing and we are delighted!

Because her gaze and her drawing know how to mix dream and reality with talent in artistic and organic lines, we invited Paule Brun to take us on a journey with her Bestiary: a collection of pen drawings and their reflection.

The Nature of Life, a series of watercolours, is expanding with new drawings: birds, squirrels or otters with tender gazes, Meg Hawkins transmits her love of nature through her soft lines.

Finally, especially for our friends from Nantes, a walk through the skylight by Héléne Bertrand: the Skylights on the Loire are a series of watercolours over the water full of poetry.

And because there are no tales without children:

We are happy to present Olivier Tallec's new collection from his album "Qui Quoi" published by Actes Sud: a series of cards like little riddle books and jokes to make young and old laugh.

Les P'tits Contes, cut-out cards by Corinne Leroy are back this month on the strength of their success to tell the tales of our childhood in colour.

October is the month to celebrate Halloween: horror, misfortune! Stripey Cats' wiggly-eyed cards are available in a special frightening series: ghosts and vampires, witches and spiders to send to children for fun!

Finally, the special birthday invitation cards are finally there to allow you to organize parties, tea parties and surprise parties, pre-filled cards for the confirmation of guests.

Of course your,


“When I am among you, trees of these great woods,
In everything that surrounds me and hides me at the same time,
In your loneliness where I return to myself,
I feel someone great who listens to me and who loves me! »Victor Hugo
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