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Zazouesque mood post n°26 (Newsletter - January 2020)

My dear friends,

T he twelve strokes of midnight will soon ring and make us switch to the month of February.

Let 's hasten, will you, to embrace each other before the time granted by propriety is over and we can no longer formulate the expected wishes.

And yet, what do you want us to wish you that is beautiful, unique, great? What do you want us to announce to you that does not resemble an election speech, political promises too good to be kept? Isn't the simplest thing precisely to not wish for anything that you don't already have... but for the better. Isn't the healthiest thing to know how to look around oneself and within oneself, and to learn to appreciate these tiny gifts that life bestows and in front of which we pass so often without even noticing them, without dwelling on them?

Keep your eyes wide open to your surroundings, pay attention, listen, be indulgent and wise. Learn patience, slowness, empathy and kindness. Because happiness is there for those who are ready to welcome it. Joy arises by itself when one has an open heart. Beauty is everywhere for those who know how to look. And life is made up of thousands of little pleasures that we so often forget to take advantage of.

Modestly your

lamp genius,
Tinker Bell,

The collections have come to us slowly this month so as not to overshadow the greeting cards or overshadow the spring projects.

We are pleased to present to you:

• bouquets of dried flowers patiently made for months for you by a cooperative of Filipino women supported by Fairtotrade, a fair trade association

• the Trees of Eloise Hall who slowly matured them, to present them leafy and flowery today,

• the new Planting Cards by Hannah Marchant who, in the Sommerset of her heart, met rabbits and birds that she delicately placed on her paper sown with organic seeds,

• the variation of the Neo Pop collection designed by Caroline Cardner and entirely dedicated to children's birthday parties,

• the new Northern Lights from Forever Cards which light up and warm up our winter again this year.

"You must not ask that events happen as you want, but you must want them as they happen: thus your life will be happy" Epictetus
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