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Zazouesque mood post n°27 (Newsletter - February 2020)

pearl hunters,
Seekers of prodigies,

Here we are at the edge of the road, at the end of yesterday and the beginning of everything.

We are here with hearts grateful to the bird for giving us its song of greeting to the resurgent light.

We are ready to throw ourselves body and soul into this adventure of life after the confinement of winter, after the goodbyes and the sadness that accompanies them, ready to turn the page and start all over again.

Tomorrow is before us. It's up to us to open the door and turn our backs on the night. To marvel at the thousand and one pearls that we see spring up here and there, little treasures that life has in store for us and which make us believe in miracles.

Let's open our eyes after these months of sleepiness, let's get back into the movement, let's welcome with joy the first quiverings of this dawning spring, which, if it is only in its infancy, promises us the return to light soon.

Let 's resume our treasure hunt, adventurers of life, let's rediscover this quest for beauty and love which gives us a rosy cheek and makes our eyes shine with a more beautiful brilliance.

Thus is life made. From arid lands can be born forests. From despair can be born joy. There is no shortage of pitfalls in our quest for treasure. A quest for life, a quest for oneself, the acceptance of imperfections, suffering and mountains that seem impassable, like so many paths that lead to the path of the heart, to this mystery of the invisible that carries us far.

T omorrow is before us but above all it is within us, a cry of love and joy.

Adventurously yours,


Discoveries of the month:

• Artbox: designed by Forever Cards in Great Britain, these cut-out paper dioramas give pride of place to the imagination

• Laura Stoddart offers us a series of poetic and floral illustrations accompanied by magical characters

• Peskovoi's brand new collection won't leave you out of wood: a very kawai series that comes straight from Belarus!

• The Journey collection created by Forever cards takes us on an exuberance of colours and glitter

• ArtFile entrusted us with its new gift wrap products

“There is only one crime, it is to despair of the world. We are called at the top of our lungs to make new what was old, to believe in the rise of the sap in the old trunk of the tree of life. We are called to be reborn, to dismiss the bitter old man in us!!! »
Christian Singer
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