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Zazouesque mood post n°29 (Newsletter - April 2020)


Do you find it long?

No , still not, sorry! The Zazous savor life day by day, marvel at the slightest ray of sunshine or birdsong, relearn how to cook, take the time to read, write, reinvent their lives with happiness.

If it weren't for the misfortune caused by this damn virus in so many bereaved families, we would think that this pandemic is a blessing from heaven.

Post -lockdown? We are ready, but there is no rush. We hope it will be another time, at another pace. Never again like before.

In the meantime, we asked our friends and partners to tell us about their confinement. Through a sentence, an anecdote, a photo, we will present them to you over the days on our social networks: Instagram , Facebook .

Do not hesitate to write to us, as many of you have done after our last newsletter, it warms our hearts to know that you are like us:

A n alive and full of desires!

Big bear, Nicolette and Burnet.

“Make your life a dream and a dream your reality” Saint Exupéry
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