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Zazouesque note n°30 (Newsletter - May 2020)


We changed pace. We were hoping for a change of era. It would seem not. But we are entering another era, failing to change the era. 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep...

A time when we choose the tempo. No more accelerations. No more staccatos. Soars, yes, but all in moderato. . ..4 sheep, 5 sheep, 6 sheep...

We had no more time for anything. We never had time for the essentials, busy as we were with running The Machine. The big time eater. ...7 sheep, 8 sheep, 9 sheep... We had convinced the children that it was so, that we had no choice, that time is money. For the rest, we had none or very little. Not for them, not for that, not for that. ...10 sheep, 11 sheep, 12 sheep...

Then we found him. Found in time. First of all in apnea, then breathing settled down, gently, at another rhythm, our rhythm. ...13 sheep, 14 sheep, 15 sheep... We are told that he was taken from us, this time, by the evil that raged. But we know, as you do, that he actually gave it back to us. And we don't have the project to “catch up” on it since it hasn't escaped us (you) that this time is life time that we have rediscovered. ...16 sheep, 17 sheep, 18 sheep...

Gently , very gently, we come back to you whom we have never left, at least in thought. ...19 sheep, 20 sheep, 21 sheep... Take it easy. ...22 sheep, 23 sheep, 24 sheep...

If the postcards do not belong to the category of essential goods of La Machine, they are however the messengers of the slowness which animates us. Carriers of sought-after and thoughtful words; signs of a moment devoted to the person to whom one is writing. ...25 sheep, 26 sheep, 27 sheep... A postcard sends a little love. It is the time of the one who imagined it, the time of those who made it and it is this self-sacrifice that we make there by writing down our thoughts.

The cards for this month of May, do what you please, were made in time:

• the 3d Magic of Forever Cards were drawn digitally by Ge Feng who then printed them on pearlescent paper on his old Heidelberg. Then they were cut one by one in a laser cutting machine by his assistant Maggie who stacks them before putting them in envelopes in their workshop in Ross on Wye - Wales. Passionate craftsmen with whom we have forged unfailing relationships of solidarity and support.

• the Embroidered Cards were first designed by Julie Tual then printed in Montrouge. We then took them to this artist with golden fingers who, one by one, sewed them in her Nantes workshop. They are ready and are waiting for us there, still too far from us for us to pick them up to take them to the folder. You will therefore need a little more time to see them “in real life”, to learn patience. We make you salivate, sorry.

Everything comes in time for those who know how to wait. ...28 sheep, 29 sheep, 30 sheep...


Shepherd, what open road leads you to what love,
You have the watch, I have the time,
Watch over your loves like a shepherd.
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