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Zazouesque note n°8 (Newsletter - April 2018)

little brothers,
Little Sisters,

Come on, we erase everything, we start again! It's time for spring cleaning, time to clean the slate.

We reset the counters, we find our child's heart. We forget everything, we wake up from deep sleep, we wake up. We rub our eyes and look at each other as if for the first time. Still wrinkled, straight out of winter's bed, but ready to run outside to see if the sun has finally come out. We put on panties, a shirt, boots found there that will do the trick and presto! Everybody out ! It's time to look elsewhere, time to start living again, it's time to laugh and marvel.

Nature is still timid, a few leaves are already pointing, the birds begin seduction operations without too much conviction. Everything quivers, we can feel it. Life is here. The years are erased so strong is the desire to escape and play. Can you feel that something vibrating in the air? You see this light which still trembles and affirms itself stronger every day. You feel this desire which rises, which rises, to run and to dance, this desire to vibrate because this night was long, too long and that finally the life returns.

You feel how good it is to let the child in you take over, to surrender to his dreams, to his joys, and to forget our fears! Straighten up, empty yourself and laugh! Kick a ball, clap your hands, jump in the air, live because what's taken is no longer to be taken, because life is today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, not when it gets better , not when it will be good. It's right away, at the very moment, and it doesn't wait for those desires, it doesn't wait for life!

It's time to have a grain, a grain of malice or madness.

It's time to throw the seeds of life to the wind, to sow love in all four corners and to wait for the grain of the sky to dance in the rain.

It's time to look far ahead, look at the sky and gallop towards tomorrow clapping your hands.

It's time to start being happy again, for yourself, for others, because that's what life is, a big jumble, a big chaos, then like a spark and suddenly a thousand wonders.

It's time to be light and crazy...

So, madly yours!

Jack Sparrow,
Alice in Wonderland,
Princess Fiona.

This month is a month for:

- be light and send full of tenderness with the new collections of Caroline Gardner,

- play and replay, have fun, and above all, never take yourself seriously with the cards from I ended up here,

- have fun counting your age on your fingers or invent extraordinary adventures with the brand new Stripey cats,

- fall in love, kiss like for the first time with the brand new collection of lovers and queens and kings created by Jade Fischer

"Perhaps what attracts me to you, ... pulls me to you, is none other than the smile in me, ... laughter in you, of the mischievous little spirit that throws sparks in the sky of your eyes » Jacques Higelin, Ballad for Izïa
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