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Zazouesque note n°35



The month of expectations, the month of desires and projects ends in a few days. This month which begins the year and concentrates all our hopes for better things to come. Where we congratulate ourselves on having overcome past challenges and we convince ourselves that things will be better tomorrow.

It's time to get out of the winter that has numbed us, once the holidays are over, this time of withdrawing into ourselves and our loved ones, transformed into a race against time. Time to celebrate Janus, god of beginnings and endings, choices and keys.

Tomorrow begins today, with so many desires ready to blossom before us.

There is no shortage of Zazous projects. So much so that we will have to spread them out over time. You will discover them over the months, from renewed classics to new releases. We promise, this year, the unexpected awaits you!

And in the meantime,

Bless you !

Tammiikuu aka Laurent,
Leden alias Isabelle,
Yennayer alias Olga,
Granatus alias Valérie,
Dianthus aka Becky,
Hecatolyte aka Emilie.

This month of January is the month of :

Paris :
The capital is in the spotlight with two new series which are added to the numerous existing collections: Mélanie Voituriez with her superb collection of watercolors, Mélanie in Paris , a gentle and romantic stroll along the streets and Marjolaine Gonet with her very double reading graphic on the color side or black line: Paris Recto Verso .

Secret garden :
Nature under a bell jar, protected from the frost of winter, imagined by Marie-Pierre Emorine. A collection of 9 double cards whose illustrations are full of details highlighted by embossing, varnishing and hot foiling to better highlight them.

Sensitive nature:
The softness of Natasha Newton 's paintings reflects her sensitivity and her taste for the English countryside where she walks. Timeless and contemplative, this collection is enriched with 10 new works to collect.

Cards to plant :
While the first page of the planting calendar created entirely by Hannah Marchant in Sommerset will soon be able to be planted in the ground to germinate her basil shoots, her collection of pretty little paper cards seeded with organic seeds brings us a lot of new things for the start of the year. It's time to send messages that will be ready to sprout from February, carrying words of love and bouquets to come!

Papersheep :
The small tufts of sheep's wool which decorate and give
volume with delicate illustrations of this collection have made it
a must. The spirit of recovery and recycling is
essential in the manufacture of these cards by the small team of
Papersheep, based in the countryside, in the heart of Norfolk in Great Britain.

Pencil :
We no longer describe this collection which has become a great classic.
Long awaited, the collection of minimalist cards decorated with pencil shavings has returned to us with its standards and some new features for our greatest pleasure.

Quote of the month:

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.
» Mary Oliver

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