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Zazouesque note n°34


A few years ago, we launched the crazy idea of ​​further improving our service via the Internet, responding to a growing demand for restocking and customers, as well as a need to limit motorway journeys for ecological reasons which we spare you the development of.

This is the work of underground miners that awaited us and which would not have been possible without the technical expertise and patience of the Skylight agency, nor the tenacity and talent of Becky, our former intern who was promoted this year to responsible for development and of marketing.

We had set so many official upload dates that it became a joke.

To finally decide that October would be the month when our seller site would see the light of day.

When the 31st came without any success, we decided, like our book London, October 32 , to continue the month until V2 saw the light of day.

So here we are at the deadline of October 44.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

We will learn together to use it step by step and improve it thanks to your comments and over time.

We still have work to do and are working daily to complete the integration of all collections.

Enjoy discovering this new virtual version of Editions Zazous and see you soon in real life!

The Zazous team

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