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Zazouesque note n°32

Earth friends,

Three years is not nothing.

Three years without writing to you or very little or on other media, where images carry weight and words do not count.

During this time, so many things have changed: our horizon of Parisian streets has transformed into a maritime horizon, our working methods have evolved, the team has grown, new energies have come to join us and the projects new ones continued to grab us, leaving us no time to pick up our keyboards and tell you about it.

The time to reconnect has arrived!

It's back to school and with our schoolbags on our backs, we return to work with a light heart to see the projects come to fruition little by little and so many new things emerging around the corner.

So welcome back to school everyone and your notebooks!

Laurent, When he brings back his notebook, he is deprived of television and dessert
Olga, Look at the pictures and tell me what you think
Isabelle, Ready, set!
Valérie, Password: indomitable courage!
Becky, You won't come out until you're done
Emilie, The cards were not worth the same, his three beat my king.

September is the month to introduce you to :

The new Plantable Calendar 2024 which has just arrived. This year, it is entirely created and designed by our dear Hannah Marchant, the same one who makes the lovely seeded paper planting cards that you know well and which have no equal for flowering planters and gardens. His paper, his drawing and his inimitable talent gave birth to an adorable 13-page calendar to plant throughout the year 2024.

Who says back to school, says notebook! It's time to choose your tartan notebook . Whatever their clan, all the colors are present and the patterns authenticated by the Duke of Edinburgh himself!

It's time to personalize notebooks, satchels or bags with a sequin detached from a Redback cards : disco ball or combi, it's up to you to see what makes you dream!

Traced in Indian ink, the illustrations of animals and birds from the Ink and Shadow collection designed by The Artfile seem to spring from the paper with contrast and realism.

Once upon a time there was autumn , a collection created by the talented Zahélie which presents the themes and colors of the season which is about to begin on a series of 18 small cards, ideal for slipping in a little note, a thought, a thank you.

Finally, because you should never stop dreaming, Valentine Hébert's Zoizos came to rest on a branch, or rather a leaf of wood. Surrealist volatiles created from pasted paper, they look at us with their big eyes, reminding us of Prévert's dream of freedom.

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