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Zazouesque note n°33


Color is perception.

Only primary colors are visible to our eyes when exposed to light. And yet, there are millions of colors that we perceive.

No less than 200 shades are perceived by the keenest eyes, but never in all three colors. This perception is the result of our brain's interpretation and we are not all equal when it comes to color.

Color acts on our mood and its impact can also be variable: each color has its code, its psychology and everyone perceives it in their own way. Thus, it puts you in a good mood or saddens you depending on who is looking at it. Colors are associated with circumstances, events, roles – there are color codes – and there are chromatic associations which are more or less generalized across cultures.

October was red . It is now pink .

The power, the aggressiveness, the warrior force of the masculine which emerges from this primary color has given way in its softer variation to appeasement, to the survival instinct, to the feminine.

So this month there is no question of making you turn red, but showing you life in pink!

In October, we announce the color:

  • Flagship collection of this Pink October, which we have already presented to you but which we are putting back in the spotlight: Rose Buds . Imagined by the effervescent Evangelina, aka La CigaleLée, this collection is not afraid of anything. Proud to the end of the breasts, Look me in the eyes... direct sentences full of humor, demands, activism sometimes highlight the breasts sewn and decorated with pretty buttons.
  • The cats in The ArtFile's Cat Walk collection show us all the colors. Mischievous and funny, they hop from map to map on the lookout for something stupid to do. High in color and light, it brings a touch of cheerfulness and good humor!
  • Caroline Gardner's Pompons are just as flashy, soft colors and bright colors, a collection full of joie de vivre.
  • The wooden characters - bear, duck, whale - from the Peskovoi collection do not lack color or humor to accompany everyday wishes with a childish look and full of freshness.
  • Parisians will have the pleasure of discovering a new walk in their city, printed on magnets attached to small gift cards. Paris mon Aimant is a collection designed to share little pieces of the City of Lights.
  • Fabric flowers, colored flowers, Cotton Flowers is our slow collection: made with love, card by card sewn by hand by the artist Julie Tual, who dreams in colors. Each card is unique and it is a small work, a gift that you give yourself or share.
  • And to finish with a display of bright and varied colors, these are the rolls of The Artfile gift paper which arrived this month and you will get excited!

With all our colors,

Laurent, white as snow
Olga, red alert
Isabelle, black sheep
Valérie, blue flower
Becky, yellow
Emilie, green thumb.

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