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Sayaka Abe

Born in 1976 in Japan, Sayaka Abe has lived and worked in Paris since 2009. Since 2002 she has exhibited her personal and collective works in Japan and France. In 2007, after five years spent as an artist-engraver in Tokyo, she received a scholarship to study for a year at the HKU School of Fine Arts in Utrecht in the Netherlands. In 2013, she produced illustrations for her first children's book entitled "Un poisson en avril" (an April fools reference which gets lost in translation "A fish in April") with Edition Le Buveur d'Encre. Fascinated by Paris, its urban landscapes, its pretty facades, its beautiful windows, its zinc roofs and its chimneys, Sayaka wants to share the charm of this old city through her engravings by working with etching. She is also inspired by everyday objects: shoes, dresses, cups, bottles, keys, which she is now trying to integrate into a Parisian landscape, to create a harmony and a story that she had not imagined before.
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