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Stephane Rey Gorrez

Born in 1973, originally from Bourg Saint Maurice in Savoie, Stéphane is passionate about images and new digital technologies. He started his career as a freelance graphic designer and image retoucher working for various advertising agencies. At the same time, he leads his own journey and is interested in the various possibilities resulting from a mix between photography and illustration. Approaching the image like an illustration or a painting, in a fantasy world, his personal approach nourished by imagination and fantasy gives his photographs a surreal atmosphere and a feeling of timelessness. The mixture of colors, contrasts and textures gives his works a particular connotation with dreamlike accents. Stéphane Rey-Gorrez shows us an astonishing portrait of the city. Monuments, streets and gardens are free of any human presence. The city takes a strange, unreal, sometimes dark turn and then appears in all its loneliness.
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