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Archie - Sea ​​Glass

Sea ​​Glass
It smells of salty air and the shells and crustaceans of the summer that approaches this collection!

Entirely made by hand by the amazing Archie who patiently collects all year round these little pieces of polished glass with which we fill our pockets during walks by the sea and with which we don't know what to do. Archie knows!

She prints her drawings on her boat then glues the pieces of glass that she has sorted and cleaned.

And here is the result: A collection where each card is unique because all the pieces are different.

Polished by the sand and the sea and washed up on the beaches of Folkstone in Great Britain where the artist's boat is moored, these small pieces of glass date from the Victorian era given the time required for their polishing.

These cards, both full of naivety and precious, are produced in limited quantities for the reasons mentioned above.
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