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Waverley Scotland

Waverley Scotland

Waverley is an independent publishing house based in Glasgow, Scotland. The company takes its name from a historical novel by Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), author of a poem called “The Lady of the Lake”. Translated into several languages, the poem quickly conquered Europe and America and allowed Scotland to make a name for itself with its wild, romantic landscapes where tartan-clad heroes fight in the heather. The evolution of tartan has accompanied that of Scottish culture, remaining an important cultural symbol today. The tartan that covers Waverley’s notebooks is supplied by Kinloch Anderson Scotland, holders of the Royal Warrant of Appointment as Tailors and Kiltmakers.

As of 2013, Waverley is run and owned by Ron Grosset and Liz Pitman Small, both of whom have French ancestry intermingled with their Scottish heritage. A proud Scot and a European at heart, Ron started a publishing company in 1988 which has evolved into what they have today. Liz joined a decade ago, to develop the company, thanks to her experience working with Macmillan and Bloomsbury Publishing. Their lives are full of colour and community, beside the rivers. When not working, you can find Liz in the Murray tartan cycling along the river Clyde in Glasgow whilst in the heart of Edinburgh, you can find Ron indulging in food and wine with his large family.

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