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Zazouesque note n°11 (Newsletter - September 2018)


Return, Return...

But what is this funny idea? What is this word on everyone's lips and what does it mean?

Is it a question of returning to one's shell in order to protect oneself from any danger to come?
Enter after leaving? Yes, we had come out of it: the daily train, then the train, then simply went out, just to stay outside.

Go into yourself to think about all this? Thinking about the meaning of life is good.

To fall into line? It's not for tomorrow !

Returning to its costs, bringing in funds? Big deal !

To fit into a mould, to fit together, to sink, to take the shape of... There, things go wrong! We can see where all this is going to lead, but we won't let it go, no! Tuck your head between your shoulders, bend your spine, go underground, while it passes... Go back like that, no!

Bring in the cattle, bring in what was outside... We don't just have to do that!

It's back to school, everyone says so, so it must be true.

But we want to stay outside, to continue to look at the wonderful things around us, to reflect on the passage of time, to observe the rotation of our Mother Earth and the race of the clouds above our heads.

Yet we got things back on the shelves and not just a little!

Wise cards, crazy cards, photographs, drawings, daydreams and fun things, sweets, lightness, poems of nature, finally, you will see because this month is the month of :

Eloise Hall, renowned British artist, has joined the Zazous family and we are very honored to present her wonderful collection: Life and Nature.

Juliette Agnel, amazed Parisian artist, entered the Zazous family with her lively vegetables and we are very proud to present her Funny Vegetable Garden.

Véronique Bachère, a well-hidden Albigensian artist, has entrusted us with some of her watercolours gathered in the small collection: Petite Nature.

John Wilhelm, Swiss photoholic artist, joined us for our greatest joy and created for us a collection of delirious cards, recounting the adventures of the Wilhelm Family.

Yann Pendariés, artist from Orleans and lunar, entered our lap and entrusted us with a series of poetic images: Les tout petits métiers.

Here we told you everything, but what we won't tell you is "Happy back to school"!

Everybody go outside!

Entered by one ear,
Back in the bacon,
Return to the fold.

"Men are so necessarily mad, that it would be mad by another turn of madness, not to be mad" Blaise Pascal
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