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Our story
Zazous Editions is a publishing and distribution house for original postcards and stationery made in Europe created 25 years ago by Laurent Reiz. That's the short version.

In fact, Zazous Editions is the story of a photographer who went to bookstores to present his photographs printed as panoramic cards.

Having become an editor, he was joined by other photographers. Then teamed up with Volume Editions, a manufacturer of displays that highlighted the postcards in a fun way.

Curious, he crossed the Channel to discover English cardmaking which he introduced to the French market. Its success continued to grow. Illustrators knocked on his door and publishing opened up more and more to graphic card and stationery projects.

As he did everything alone, from the printing press to delivery and invoicing, he had to get help with administrative tasks and organisation, and later with deliveries too.

Six funny ladies around Laurent today support the development of Zazous throughout France, with joy and good humour.

Our values
Zazous is a small business on a human scale where mutual aid, solidarity, loyalty and family spirit are the glue of the predominantly female team with extensive experience in the world of bookselling.

The Zazous love trees and nature more than anything and are very concerned about preserving them.

Thus the collections are always printed in small editions, renewed during the year or the seasons, so as to have no loss of paper.

Our cards are placed in envelopes by several ESAT (a government backed social mobility scheme) and we are keen to respect the pace of disabled workers.

We have diversified the storage locations for our stationery by region to limit our travel and our carbon impact.

We recycle all materials: returned cards are repackaged and placed in other businesses, parcels sent to our customers are made with recycled cardboard boxes: at Zazous, nothing is lost!

The team

Isabelle COLIN
Grand Est and Burgundy-Franche-Comté region
Rhône Alpes and Drôme region
Aquitaine region
Marketing, development and website
Administration and social media
Denitza MINEVA
Graphic designer
Laurent REIZ
Paris region, Grand Ouest, Center, Nord Pas de Calais, Belgium and Burgundy-Franche-Comté.
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