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Zazouesque note n°14 (Newsletter - November 2018)

black work,
Work in red,

Here is the tenth month which has become the twelfth, the month of the winter solstice which sees the end of the off-season and the beginning of solar renewal.

This is the month when the flame must not waver, she who will fight against seasonal melancholy.

Flame patiently maintained by the alchemist of the Great Work which passes from black to red, from death to incandescence, at the end of twelve stages necessary for the realization of the philosopher's stone, to get rid of impurities, distractions and which will die in the world to better gain eternity.

Cinnabar marks this month, vermilion red pigment whose colour tints this end of the season, exterior colour of the long coat, interior colour of the fire that nourishes us and that we nourish.

Red with life-giving blood, the cinnabar field - or dantian in Chinese medicine - is a point in the lower abdomen where vital energy is concentrated.

Associated by the Chinese with the queen-mother deity of the West, chief of the Immortals, who resides in the region where the sun sets, a region of death and rebirth, its intense red has never ceased to fascinate men during the story.

Ceremonial colour, used in Art - paintings, decorations, frescoes, sculptures and illuminations - since prehistoric times, cinnabar is also the component of long life pills. And the alchemist who knows how to produce the "divine cinnabar", the elixir of immortality, also knows how to make gold.

Here are the colours and their symbols for this month of December: Red and Gold.

This month we present to you all the creations made to celebrate the return to life, to wish the best for the year to come, the cycle that will start again: the Anna Wright, ArtFile, Belly Button, Dominique Arella, Forever Cards collections , Gayacards, Lanther Black, Pencil and Stripey Cats.

And since the calendar count will resume on the first day of the year, here are calendars to laugh at or to plant.

Alchemy yours,

Zosimus of Panopolis,
Mary the prophetess,

All things are linked together and with a sacred knot, and there is almost nothing that does not have its relations. All beings are coordinated together, all contribute to the harmony of the same world »  Marc-Aurèle
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