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Zazouesque note n°2 (Newsletter - October 2017)

Dear microbes,
Dear bacteria,

Would we therefore have been on the wrong track for so long to think that we live in a world without mercy, that we evolve in a ferocious nature where only “the best wins” and where the “law of the strongest” reigns? Would we have been rolled in the flour to put ourselves in mind that competition is necessary and that there is no place for the weakest in this world? Small lives that we are, microorganisms or plants, humans or animals, we owe our survival only to each other.

It is the right balance of each of the living beings, from the smallest to the largest, which by associating and supporting each other form a community of life, an ecosystem where all are interdependent. Unit in which we must create a network of exchange of energy and matter allowing the development of life. Thus trees need the fungi that colonize their roots, in order to communicate and transmit food to the weakest trees, while the fungi need the nutrients provided by the trees to live; without microbes, plants would not be able to photosynthesise; and what would life be without a good glass of wine or a piece of cheese?

If you follow this reasoning, you will easily understand that your need for us is only equaled by our need for you and that you without us and us without you, that does not hold water!

We must support each other and pool efforts and energies to make this ecosystem last over time in which we evolve together, customers, employees, suppliers, artists, subcontractors,... in order to grow this project sustainably. It is our mutual commitment, of the youngest and the oldest, which is the guarantee of the fulfillment of each one in this biotope of the postcard!

This month :

The Henries ceremony, the British award for the most outstanding cards in their category, crowned four of our English suppliers whose cards you know well: The ArtFile company, Forever Cards, Belly Button Designs and Stripey Cats. We are very proud to see their talent rewarded!

New polaroids will be presented to you with the arrival of a series of photos taken by the youngest of our photographers, François Deheane, whom we are happy to present to you. Always amazing and timeless new images have also been brought to us by our friends Patrick Ximenes, Marie Portier and Rodolphe Sebbah in the Paris Polas and Polas Manche and Polas Granville series.

First project of a brand new collaboration that makes us happy: Les Belles de Jour by Peggy Nille will arrive on the display: a series of 9 beautiful wooden cards that put the feminine in the spotlight.

And next month, we'll tell you about the Christmas cards we're starting to unbox!

Mutually yours,

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