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Zazouesque note n°25 (Newsletter - December 2019)


The hour of gifts will soon ring, the one that should never stop, the one that we would like to hear every hour of the day, even though we have become deaf to the sound of the offerings of life.

But what is a gift after all? The etymology of the word teaches us a distant origin designating the embellishment of a letter, a capital decorated in the writing of a pretty text, the fancy ornamentation of the initial of a lady that we want to honor . The gift would therefore be linked to the care taken in writing well before becoming a present intended to celebrate a person. But it can be both at the same time, writing and the present, the gift of words as a gift of self, the sharing of sentences, thoughts, books.

Let us celebrate Jólabókaflóðið, as our Icelandic neighbors do, and come together with arms full of books to share to read together. Do we wish the best, health, joy as our English neighbors do by writing to all our loved ones, to those we no longer see, those with whom we only exchange likes and emoticons on the networks that only create asocials. Let's give time to ourselves and to others. Let's write words and thoughts rather than lists of things to buy. Because this moment offered, these words, these books, these letters and cards, objects full of life and stories, will carry our emotions and our feelings far, much stronger towards the hearts of loved ones than any object intended to be thrown away. .

Let us celebrate the Nordic Goddess Gefjon “the Giver, the Generous” consecrated by the Nordic peoples, through the Rune Gébo traced in the shape of a cross. Also called the Rune of the Gift, of the gift, of the present, of generosity, of solidarity, of friendship, of hospitality, this Rune is also that of "good", "good" in English, "gut". in German from which derive the names of “God” and “Gott”: God. The gift is then considered as an altruistic and cultural exchange at a time when men have not yet become Homo consumers as described by Eric Fromm.

The time has come to share because in the toughest times, it's a key to survival. In the harshest of winters as in troubled times, it is essential to feel loved and supported and to love and support in sharing.

Yours generously,

Robin Hood,

In this month of December, we have compiled the following list of your desires:

Send greeting cards to friends, family, cards with words but also small gifts that they can keep close to them for fun, for memories...

The Redback Cards: Pinata and Shine collections are decorated with detachable pins and sequins that can then be attached or glued to familiar objects. colours and sequins accompany your sweet thoughts.

Yoojoo's collections: Marque-Page and Médiator are an invitation to reading or music. Illustrated and embellished with origami bookmarks and plectrum, they are handmade gifts that will accompany a moment for yourself.

Take the time to write to yourself or to write, forget yourself in words and form stories, notes and thoughts that you don't want to forget...

Pavilion stationery collection of notebooks and pocket notebooks with graphic and elegant covers offer you 192 pages of writing or drawing.

Cozywood's collection of pocket notebooks covered in wood with a warm touch and illustrated with elven and fairy drawings are an invitation to fill in the lines of the pages that compose them.

Immerse yourself in reading a tale, a novel, a photographic book, a comic strip that takes us far into dreams and thoughts.

Zazous Editions publishes this year the first volume of the “October Trilogy” entitled “ London, October 32 ”. An OCNI, Unidentified Cultural Object, 400 pages of photographs, words and drawings forming a whimsical and extremely serious story about the future of the world.

"From now on, the most necessary solidarity is that of all the inhabitants of the Earth" Albert Jacquard
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