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Zazouesque note n°28 (Newsletter - March 2020)


Our life, mad race, race of madmen, headless chickens running in all directions until exhaustion, loss of blood, loss of meaning, our race with no goal other than to rush into the announced wall, our life dictated by a organization that seems unstoppable...our life has stopped.

The system has seized up.

S topped net.

Absolute agony , irrational fear. The danger is real and the end uncertain. Lives are in danger. Our guardian angels work tenfold to protect us as they always have.

Acute agitation , possible preamble to collapse, collapse, entropy.

Faced with the unknown, survival instincts reappear from deep within. Some cling, keep the rhythm. Don't forget, don't lose your footing, be ready to jump at any time on the train left at the platform yesterday. Others remain prostrate, not knowing how to act or rather no longer act, in deep disarray, a worried wait-and-see attitude. Others, finally, breathe. Reborn.

Do n't you hear the silence that has fallen? Do you not perceive the small voice so long stifled at the bottom of each one which, slender, calls us back to life?

Misfortune is good for everything, says popular wisdom.

The race is over. It's time to accept it. To get in tune with your inner being. To learn to listen to each other; to return the meaning to oneself rather than constantly rushing towards the world and living in projection; to resist the world, the continuous flow of information that constantly drowns us.

Today , we are alone with ourselves. Incredible chance to finally be able to take the time, to finally be able to take care of yourself, to finally be yours and yours. To finally be born into what is, as Christiane Singer expressed it.

Today everything seems to have stopped. Today, everything seems to start.

To those who think: the days are long, Giono replies "No, the days are round. We are not going towards anything, precisely because we are going towards everything, and everything is achieved as long as we have all our senses ready to feel. The days are fruits and our role is to eat them, to taste them gently or voraciously according to our own nature, to take advantage of all that they contain, to make of them our spiritual flesh and our soul to live. has no other meaning than that." *

This end is only the beginning, that of a new era that we will have to build, day after day, on the ruins of the old world. We will have to invent the rest, imagine new organizations, reclaim our lives and move forward in mutual aid and solidarity. This experience is a chance offered to us to rethink our lives, to review our world.

Do n't you see the new clarity of the sky, don't you hear the birds singing again in the cities where their trills were masked by the noise of our machines, don't you see the reappearance of life, the return of fish in the waters that have become clear again?

Gaïa , Mother Earth, regains her rights, causes her source of life to flow where she had retreated, is reborn where we had trampled her. Demonstration is made if necessary that it is enough to stop our deadly actions the space of a few weeks so that life returns everywhere.

There is no going back. It will not be necessary to turn the page of the way we are so fond of, consisting in chasing all information by new news. What is, will be and must remain in motion, in the direction of rediscovered life, in all the directions it will take and without our wanting to guide it.

Since our certainties have collapsed, let's accept the unknown that presents itself to us and let the wondering children be reborn within us, capable of apprehending the world without preconceptions with a new sensitivity and the humility of the innocent.

In the hope that the miracle will happen and that we will all mature,

Maria Concepción.

"You don't know how much you don't know what you don't know"
Rabbi Nahman

* Thanks to Lucile - Librairie La Suite - for having found Giono's quote, so fair and on point, that we take the liberty of using it again!

Attached, a little reading: the epilogue of the book "London, October 32".
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