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Zazouesque note n°31 (Newsletter - September 2020)

Locked out,
Close call,

That 's it, here we are all back.

R entered home for those who had left it for a summer;

R entered the ranks, returned to the mould, for those who believed in the great upheaval, in the environmental revolution and who gave up;

R entered underground, for those who do not want to;

R entered their shell for those who still do not dare;

Returned empty-handed for those who had gone fishing for the stars;

Back in the cabbage, back in the bacon for those who don't give up. Back in the fray, back in resistance to this great masked ball.

L es Zazous, meanwhile, returned the colours, lowered their Parisian flag to hoist high that of Granville where they took up residence.

Under the bridges of Paris, life was good… However, the high wind had turned our heads a long time ago. Captured by so many memories, called by links woven over generations and years, we finally changed. The land-sea brought us a new breath, a new space, more serenity.

The Zazous have returned. At the fold, at home... Like ET who returns to his family, we have joined a way of life, a community of thought where we felt welcomed and warmed.

This back to school marks a new chapter in the writing of our adventures: new premises, new offices, new lives, everything new, everything beautiful. And new arrivals that arrived in a disorderly way and that we couldn't announce to you sooner as all our arms and feet were busy!

A few collections among others that we present to you this month:

• in the "cut out cards" chapter, you have already discovered Forever's ArtBoxes and 3D Magic. We haven't yet talked about the Cut Cards, created by Caroline Gardner, a naive, graphic and colourful series.

• in the "greeting cards" section, Life and Nature, a delightful collection created by Eloise Hall, continues to grow with new designs that make us drool, just like the Fly by Sabivo Design, a collection softness with tender colours. And The Artfile whose collection of small Bright New Things cards with pretty colourful designs continues to see new designs being born.

• in the "cards with additions" chapter, the Pencils, an illustrated collection of pencil cuts, are back with new features, just like the wiggly-eyed Stripey Cats, which are now part of the classics.

Welcome back to all and sail the ship towards skies which we always imagine to be radiant.

sea ​​bass,
The happy shrimp,
Bernard Lhermite.

“From now on, he wanted only one thing, to go home as soon as possible because he missed his flower terribly. »
The Little Prince found, Jean-Pierre Davidts

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