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Zazouesque note n°7 (Newsletter - March 2018)


It's time to leave, to turn our backs on the past, to say goodbye to our sadness, to fly away to new lands.

It's time to go and live other lives, to sow small pleasures again and again, the time to find calm, to let yourself be guided and to regain a taste for pleasure and laughter.

We have to turn the pages, pack our bags and forget nothing, leave what weighs behind us but keep all those laughter in our ears. The memory of so many happy days will remain and all those moments will live on in us forever to kindle our joy.

The tears turned into waves to better carry us towards beautiful days, new friendships, new ports, new doors that we will have to push.

And this is how life will continue, how perpetual motion, a source of balance and energy, will lead us with our heads in the stars and our feet on the ground until the dawn of time.

Since it's time for joy to return, it's time to say I love you again, let's look at everything that makes life beautiful, and let's open our hearts and eyes wide to all its wonders.

Because being happy is worth it, we are happy to present to you this month:

* "La Merveilleuse" collection of cards by Michaël Cailloux who, after his book "Merveilleuse Nature", takes you into his dreamlike world,

* The Victorian “Flora Botanica” collection embossed and gilded to better captivate you.

I sow, you sow, we love you.


“Because it was him, because it was me” Montaigne
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