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Zazouesque note n°36

Dragons, Dragons,

The fires of the first carnivals were raised, from Rio to Venice, via Granville. Bonfires, human follies that have roamed the planet since Antiquity to celebrate the return of life, greet the arrival of spring, forget each other, mix the living in a frenetic round where the roles mix according to the disguises. Forget yourself in order to rebuild yourself better, take time away from yourself, from the world, exult, shout with joy for having overcome the ordeal of winter and together give yourself the courage to leave again, to start all over again. We break everything and start again. Better, bigger, stronger.

The dragon who joined us this year will support all our efforts. You will have to be valiant and courageous to follow in his footsteps, to fly on the wing of this dragon. Herald of successes, exploits, great happiness, he tolerates neither weakness nor stubbornness in old ways. We will therefore have to reinvent ourselves, move forward without looking back, accept changes, take on all challenges with our heads held high and our eyes proud.

Python, aka Laurent
Graoully, alias Isabelle
Coulobre, alias Valérie
Machecroute, aka Olga
Falkor, aka Becky
Nessie, aka Emilie

This month, we proudly welcome you:

Happy is he like Ulysses : Famous hero of antiquity, Ulysses defied all obstacles, all hells, wars and gods, driven by the deep desire to find his village and live happily there with his Penelope. Christine Fraga, Galician painter, offered us her representations of imaginary villages, surrounded by nature and where harmony seems to reign supreme, like so many dream villages where we would like to take refuge to live happily and find peace. , like Ulysses.

Globe Trotter: Travel and the desire to travel the world are the common thread of this collection proposed by the artist Marisa Schoen for Stormy Knight. News from the end of the world that gives rise to dreams from elsewhere, destinations near or far, but also to keep in touch when we are far away, to send news in the form of colorful and shimmering postage stamps. A collection dedicated to travel.

Nature Magnets : The love of nature guides the pencil and brushes of Paule Brun, an Alsatian artist who entrusted us with drawings which we reproduced on paper and on wood, thus creating double coloring cards to which magnets are attached. At the moment when we feel nature quivering, buds reappearing, birds and small animals resurfacing, what greater pleasure than discovering them on paper, sticking them on your fridge and coloring the drawn map!

Sea glass : the high equinox tides have just ended which have uncovered the beach and the shores, exposing so many treasures. Some people pick up something to fill their plate. Archie, she picks up the glass polished by the sand over the years. Passionately, stubbornly, she collects and sorts her small translucent pebbles which she sticks one by one on her cards. Their success last year led us to renew the collection and it delivered us a series of beautiful new products. Another invitation to travel.

Remarkable trees: Nature again, in all its beauty, extravagance, richness with this collection of magical and inhabited trees, imagined by Chloé Oternaud. Magnificent trees populated by animals and birds, trees like so many ecosystems to protect and admire. Around them, a filigree nature invites itself into the drawing, adding a gentle second look. A collection under the sign of rebirth.

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