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La CigaLélée

La CigaLélée is the creative name to make "shorter" Evangeline Quella-Villéger. With curiosity, humour and poetry, she develops her brand of stationery through images mixing paper, words and fabrics. She imagines sparkling and colourful illustrations with the technique of digital collage where elephants, ostriches, dancers, cacti or ceramic tiles meet. Evangeline also creates unique cards and illustrations with fabric scrap patterns sewn onto paper, accompanied by short poems. These poetic phrases are composed of words cut out everywhere, then reassembled differently. The Illustra-Seins series (which was the origin of the collaboration with Zazous) is a good example of this: a joyous celebration of femininity, these sewn breasts with shiny nipples speak of freedom thanks to the inspiring words that underline them.

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